Playing With A Purpose Reboot!

For those of you who did not catch the educational videos that we posted in 2017, here's another page to find Kirby's YouTube "Playing With A Purpose"!

Find many creative ideas to get children leaping ahead in their physical development, all while done with things found at home. This is the time to take a minute to watch these and strengthen your options while stuck at home. Enjoy!

20 Learning Games for When Mom or Dad is Exhausted

Parents of preschoolers are tired people. Caring for little ones is exhausting work. We have the best intentions of providing enriching activities for our kids, but when exhaustion sets in, good intentions go out the window. To help you plan for those times when you need something your child can do while you are lying down or sitting, here's a list of 20 activities.

  1. Finger paint in shaving cream spread on a cookie sheet.
  2. Play with play dough.
  3. Read. If you're reading a well-known book, try changing some of the words or sentences and let your child have fun catching your "mistakes."
  4. Play Chutes and Ladders or Candyland.
  5. Put on music and let your child dance. Try giving her a bean bag and challenge her to dance with the beanbag on her head, between her knees, or on her elbow.
  6. Play "red light, green light."
  7. Play a following directions game. Give your child silly things to do.
  8. Put out two or three items on a plate, then cover them up and see if your child can remember what he saw. Let him do the same for you.
  9. Throw a sheet over a card table to make a fort. Let your child take toys inside.
  10. Put a little tub of water on the kitchen floor. Gather up a bunch of objects and let your child test if they sink or float.
  11. String big beads on shoelaces.
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Games to Play with Bean Bags

Games to Play with Bean Bags

​Bean bags are fun learning materials for babies, preschoolers, and even older children. The easiest bean bag to make is to fill a child's sock with popcorn, beans, or rice, and then tie a knot in the end of the sock.

For babies, give them a bowl full of bean bags and let them pull them out and put them in. Say "out" and "in" as they move the bags. This is good for eye-hand coordination, hand strength, and learning the concepts of out and in.

As children become able to stand, bean bags work great for throwing games. For ways to teach throwing skills, see this post. A first step is just to have your toddler stand over a bowl and drop the bean bag in. Next, you can teach the throwing motion. Have your toddler or preschooler hold the bean bag and swing their arm back and forth. Tell them to let go when their hand comes forward. You can have them experiment with letting go at different points so that they can see what happens. It takes some time to get the hang of letting go when you swing your hand forward.

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