We had one of these in the preschool I ran, and all ages loved it, including the teachers. Older children make up games with it. Younger ones just attach rubberbands in pretty patterns and twang them.


  • Board, at least 3/4 inches thick, 10 – 12 inches square. (Often a lumber yard will give you scraps for free)
  • Rubberbands of various sizes and colors.
  • Sandpaper, if the board has splinters.
  • Finishing nails


  1. Mark a design on the board using dots. Any design will do: a checker board, a star.
  2. Hammer the finishing nails through the dots leaving some of each nail sticking up.
  3. Show children how to loop rubberbands of different colors around the nails to make squares, triangles and other shapes and designs. Name the shapes.
  4. Two people can play a game in which they try to cover the board with triangles that don’t overlap, using every nail.
  5. Encourage them to make up their own new games or designs.