Parents of young children are under a huge amount of stress. We love and care for our kids, but we are bombarded with often conflicting messages about how to be good parents. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

We parent, we work, we volunteer; we try to keep up with homework, keep our toddlers out of the toilet, keep our sanity…and forget about sleep! We feel guilty because we can barely keep our heads above water, let alone try to enhance our kids’ development.

As a mother herself (I have four grown children), I know about the guilt and the exhaustion. As a child-development specialist and consultant with over 40 years of experience, I also know how to work fun and high-quality learning games into your busy days in a manageable way.

You know your child needs “quality time” with you. Yet, the term is vague and unmeasurable, and a mother may never feel like she has met this goal. This site gives you clear and measurable activities, so that you can know that you have spent focused, enjoyable, and beneficial time with your child.

Your minutes are precious. Here you will find ways to get a lot of mileage out of your minutes. All my activities are designed to provide targeted skill development in just 10-15 minutes. You can fit these meaningful activities into the chinks in your schedule, or take a quick but powerful play break any time the kids ask for a game.

When you’re exhausted and the kids are climbing the walls, a short, fun, structured activity can be the magic medicine to tame a chaotic household. Here, I’ve done the thinking for you so that you can just grab one of our activities, set the timer, and give your kids a constructive way to get all that excess energy out.

My games and ideas will be fun for you as well as for your kids, and you’ll know you are helping your preschooler grow into a healthy, smart, and confident person.

If you want a whole lot of ideas all in one place, feel free to download my e-book Getting Your Sweet Potato off of the Couch. Additionally, you can get a free PDF of 30 mini-meditations on rediscovering your joy as a mom by Kirby's daughter, Christen.

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