This is a great craft for preschoolers that turns into a fun toy for a baby. Let preschoolers and elementary-aged kids paint, decorate, and string the beads. Then they can keep them for themselves to string again and again, or make a necklace for their baby brother or sister.


  • Empty wooden spools of thread or colored beads or large bells

Warning: A baby with teeth can bite off and swallow pieces of styrofoam spools, so be sure to use wood.

  • Non-toxic paint
  • Clean shoe laces or heavy cord (A piece of tape wrapped tightly around one end makes threading easier. Tie a big knot in the other end.)


  1. Paint spools
  2. String spools on shoelaces
  3. Tie a knot to make a necklace or a bracelet.
  4. Tie the necklace onto the baby’s car seat or just hand it to the baby.
    Tie one “bead” on the bottom of the string, and let your preschoolers string and restring necklaces any time they want.


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