This exercise is not only excellent for tummy, back, arms, hands and leg muscle strength, but it also helps develop advanced coordination and timing skills.

  • If you have a low bar on a swing set or a low sturdy tree branch, have children hang from the bar or branch.
  • As the children hang, place a beanbag between their feet, or on the ground near their feet. Tell them to hold the bean bag between their feet by squeezing their feet together.
  • Next they lift their legs out in front of them in an L hang with their legs straight or bent a little at the knees if needed.
  • Place a bucket or pan in front of them on the ground. As they swing, they hold their feet in front of them and try to drop the beanbag into the bucket by opening their feet as their feet are above the bucket.
  • Spot by standing beside the child, with one of your hands around the child’s wrist that is closest to you and the other hand available to assist.


If the child can hold the bean bag but can’t yet coordinate letting it go over a pan or bucket, put down a blanket for the target, so that the child has success. Success encourages the child to repeat. Repetition helps the child get stronger.

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