• One light-weight metal coat-hanger per person
  • One leg of a pair of old panty-hose per person (Runs are fine.)
  • If the coat hanger is small, knee-high hose may work.


  1. Pull down on the middle of the bottom of a metal coat hanger until it makes a diamond shape.
  2. Cut off one leg of a pair of panty hose.
  3. Open the top of the panty-hose leg, and pull it over the diamond part of the coat-hanger.
  4. Bend the top, hooked part of the coat hanger until it bends around to touch itself, forming a small teardrop-shaped handle.
  5. Pull the open end of the pantyhose leg over the teardrop and then wrap it around and around the tear-drop to cushion it.
  6. Wrap masking tape around the cushioned handle area, to hold the panty-hose in place, and to form a handle. <>o Voila!


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