Kirby's Notes on "The Developing Person Through the Lifespan," by Kathleen Berger

9 personality characteristics that parents can notice within the first few months of a baby's life:

  1. Activity Level
  2. Rhythmicity -- predictable schedule
  3. Approach/Withdrawal when presented with something new
  4. Adaptability (similar to Rhythmicity) -- how they adjust to change/disruption to routine
  5. Intensity of Reaction -- how strongly they respond (smile/whimper vs chortle/howl)
  6. Threshold of Responsiveness -- sensitivity to stimuli, e.g. wet nappy, whether right away or after some exposure
  7. Quality of Mood -- happy a lot vs unhappy a lot
  8. Distractibility -- how easily they stop fussing with distraction vs not distractible/very focused
  9. Attention Span -- playing with one toy for a long time vs moving on quickly

This list is to whet your appetite for further reading. Check out the book at your local library.

Berger suggests that children can be stretched in the following 5 of the 9 categories: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9.


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How to Stretch Your Child Out of Their Activity Co...

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