Littles Learning On The Go

Here are two learning games that can be done while going about normal everyday tasks that will involve children age two or older in growing developmentally all while getting things done!



Whatever the child and adult are doing at the time: cooking, washing dishes, getting a bath, etc.


  1. Whatever your child is learning to do, break it down into easy steps. If, for example, your child is washing their hands then say, "Let's see, first I put water in the sink. Second, I wet my hands, ....and last...." Once the child has learned the order of the task, they love the next step of this game in which you try to fool them: "Let's see, first we dry our hands, right?" Lots of laughter is sure to ensue.
  2. An example:  If you are cooking eggs, you can ask: "What do I do first? I know, I drop the raw egg on the plate, right?" Child responds, laughingly: "No, you cook it first." Adult: "Oh, do I drop the raw egg into the pan, shell and all?" This can go on for a long time or a short amount of time.
  3. For a young child, age 2, do simple things with only two or three steps: "We sit down, then we eat." Or pretend to run into the door and ask, "What did I do wrong? What should I do first, before I walk through the doorway?" Child: "Open it!" They love these games.


The child is learning sequence concepts such as firstlastbefore, and after as well as learning how daily tasks are done.




  1. Have the children spread out. They need space to move around.
  2. Ask them:
    • Can you walk....quickly? ....less/more quickly than that? ....quietly?
    • How would you walk to show that you are....happy/angry/frightened/sad/tired/in a hurry/ afraid of a bear who's behind you/being blown by the wind?
    • Can you move without moving your feet?


This game develops many areas including: large muscles, following directions, listening skills, concepts of more or less, problem solving skills, and creativity. Children also learn to be aware of emotions in themselves and others through working out how to play this game which leads to sensitivity to the needs of others.


Photo Credit: Ben Grey cc

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