Spray Bottle (the more whimsical, the better)

Water + drop of mint oil or mouthwash


Anytime children need to be focused and giving attention one can whip out some Magic Listening Mist! This is a simple tool, easy to make, and very easy to apply.

As used by some kindergarten teachers, spraying a little scented mist into the air at the appropriate time can be a way of triggering little imaginations and therefore producing more attention. Beware of overuse or use when not needed as some of the magic slips away under these circumstances. However, when instructions are being given for the next task at hand, this little item can be very useful.

Notice the scent added to the water? We often do things with the other senses while leaving out smell. It is very powerful and another gateway to the brain! The aroma of mint can aid in being alert.

Should it be used with a large group of children if only one or two are not engaging? Yes. It can still be a tool to encourages the ones who are listening and help the others who need a reminder to focus (without shaming them). This shouldn't hurt the concentration of the children who have been focusing in already.